Mas Gall entranceThe history of Mas Gall comes from XVIII century

The history surrounding Mas Gall, or “The House of the Rooster”, dates back to the coastal history of the 12th through 18th centuries.

Many legends are told of pirates and maidens, townsfolk and smugglers- their interactions shaping the history and nomenclature of much of the area.

The shores of Baix Emporada were a popular destination not only for seafarers and fishermen, but also for pirates and smugglers who used the coastal proximity and landscape of the region for more devious endeavors.

This warranted the building of a network of watchtowers standing along the clifftops throughout the coast. One of these, called Torre de Calella, was erected in the 16th century and still stands today- a piece of history just a brief ride or walk from Mas Gall. Sections of the original “smugglers routes” are now part of walking trails leading from beach to beach and further inland.

The Cove of El Crit (“The Scream”) is part of local pirate lore and it is a mere 30 minutes walk from the gates of Mas Gall, through a Natural Park, and offers both wonderful swimming and the tranquility of the Costa Brava coast.


Costa Brava cala

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